Full features list


  • Professional-grade video playback in the Ableton Live Session View
  • Warp and loop video files
  • Video processing using video effects
  • Alpha channel support
  • 4K maximum output resolution
  • Amount of tracks and devices is limited by the computer’s performance
  • Automatic update notifications
  • Fully functional demo

Media Types on Audio Tracks

  • QuickTime Movies (including Hap encoded files)
  • Image files


  • Master output Syphon Out
  • Syphon In
  • (Enterprise only) Modular Syphon Out


  • Scale to Fit, Scale to Fill and Stretch to Fill scaling modes
  • Additive, Alpha and Mask blend mode between tracks and chains
  • ‘Draw size’ for detaching window size from rendering size

Ableton Live

  • Mix using the volume fader, mute- and solo buttons
  • Group tracks
  • Audio Effect & Instrument Racks
  • Drum Rack
  • Sends & Return Tracks
  • Crossfader
  • Automate and MIDI map all device parameters

Simpler for Video

  • Trigger video files with MIDI notes
  • Classic, One-Shot & Slice mode
  • Polyphonic playback
  • Warp & Loop


  • Easily switch license between multiple machines, add and revoke at will


  • Tested and perfected in large stage performances since 2010
  • Active crash monitoring
  • Consistent high performance
  • Consistent fluent playback
  • Frame-accurate video presentation